Avoiding Race Conditions In Concurrent AWS Lambda Functions

I haven’t blogged in a long time! Here’s a quick ramble about something somewhat interesting that I whipped up earlier today. I write lots of buggy software. One such example of buggy software is TagBot, which is a GitHub Action that runs hourly on roughly 2000 GitHub repositories. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a new bug that caused TagBot to crash and send hundreds of notifications and emails.

Building imux.email Part 1: Forwarding Emails

I had a project idea a month or so ago when I was part of a group planning some holidays. We were booking flights and accomodations, but the confirmation emails only went to the account of the person that actually made the booking. So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get those emails? Well, some services do allow submitting multiple contact email addresses or adding “guests” to a booking, but not all of them do.

Handling Tricky Dependencies For Serverless With Lambda Layers

I’ve fallen behind on my daily blog post initiative, but oh well. It turns out that I don’t really have time to write a good blog post every day. But at least this time I have a good excuse, because I was busy swimming in the ocean (and it was awesome). “Serverless” computing is a new-ish paradigm with many use cases. I tend to use it for anything that I can lately, since I never have to worry about uptime and I also don’t have to pay for it (my projects stay small enough to live within the free tier—especially with the growing number of providers these days).